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Smile Transformation: Kelly

Why did you seek cosmetic dental care?

"As a child, I needed orthodontic treatment but that was not an option at that time. When I started working in the dental field I began to replace missing teeth and use bonding as the treatment of choice to even my teeth out and make them look straight. There was always constant upkeep to keep them looking nice and white."

How was the experience?

"Life changing. A smile is more important than most people realize. I feel my confidence level was greatly increased because of it."

Are you pleased with the results?

"Very much! You would not know and most people do not realize that my smile is cosmetic as opposed to natural."

What benefits have you experienced from your new smile?

"I'm more confident when I smile. I used to have a good and bad side to my smile. Now I am very carefree when I smile. In my job, it is very important to wear a dazzling smile all the time!"