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Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Do dentists still use silver fillings? I hear that they are bad for you.

Yes, many dentists still use silver fillings. They are easy for the dentist to place, economical and when used in the right situation can last a long time. Even thought the silver filling is 50% mercury the ADA has found them to be a safe and effective treatment option.

But dentistry has advanced so much in the past several years. I have found that there are many choices that work much better and can actually strengthen the tooth and look very natural. So why use a material that was developed in the Civil War.

How often should I see the dentist?

I recommend that most people see the dentist for regular professional cleanings twice a year. People with a history of gum disease or who quickly form tartar benefit from more frequent cleanings.

My parents both lost their teeth. How can I make sure I keep my teeth for my entire lifetime?

Untreated gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. To prevent gum disease, good home care is essential. I recommend brushing at least twice daily, flossing daily and using a good mouth rinse like Listerine. Of course a sensible diet that is low in sugar is also very important. Seeing a dentist twice annually will allow early detection of problems.

I've always been self-conscious because my teeth are crooked. I feel that I'm too old for braces on my teeth, is there another option?

More and more adults are having their teeth straightened orthodontically. So its no longer just for kids. But there are options. Dentists today can make teeth look straighter and whiter in as little as two visits.

I have lots of very old fillings. I am concerned about keeping my teeth healthy but am overwhelmed about the amount of work that my teeth may need and the costs involved. How do I start?

We can help you come up with master plan to assure your teeth stay healthy. We can identify which teeth need work soon and which can be comfortably "watched" until dentistry fits into the family budget. A good dental plan can be as important as a good financial plan.

In the current economic environment what steps can I be sure my family is taking to ensure good oral health and beautiful smiles?

Prevention is the key. Make sure your kids are brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily and using a good mouth rinse. Pay close attention to their diet, especially sweets and soft drinks that can lead to tooth decay. Make sure they are using a proper fitting mouthguard for sports. Accidents can be a budget breaker.

I have a dental insurance savings plan, but it is difficult to manage and maximize, can your practice help us to manage and work with our insurance company?

We are committed to working with you to ensure that your personal financial circumstances do not keep you from receiving good dental work. We are happy to take on the lion's share of the paperwork involved in the processing of insurance forms. Our financial support doesn't stop there.

At age 42, I still get a little nervous about going to the Dentist, do you have any suggestions to calm my nerves

At Gurtner Dental we take all the steps to insure a pleasant stress-free experience; from managing pain with medication to providing movies, shows and tapes to watch while we work. While the popcorn is not provided, we certainly see our patients relax through their procedure!