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Advanced Esthetic/Restorative Therapies

Advanced dentistry offers healthy, more conservative, natural-looking restorative and esthetic solutions for transforming the look and wellbeing of your smile. Review these new therapies and examples of how they have enhanced the smiles of our patients.

Digital Radiography

We have converted to digital radiography. This change allows us to see the dental x-ray immediately at our chair side computer monitor. In addition, digital radiology provides a better image enabling Dr. Steve and Dr. Maggie to provide a better diagnosis and dental care. Most importantly, radiation exposure to the patient is decreased by 75%.

Smile Whitening

Professional tooth whitening can enhance your smile very quickly with safe, dentist-approved methods. Many times you'll see a significantly brighter smile in as little as one visit.

The two major types of tooth whitening systems are in-office or dentist supervised whitening.

At-home tooth whitening involves wearing a custom-fitted appliance, containing tooth-whitening solution. The appliance is more exact than off-the-shelf products because it is made from actual models of your teeth. Trays can be worn at night or during the day for one to two weeks or until you get the desired level of whitening.

In-office whitening system usually takes about one hour.

The various over the counter tooth-whitening products give less-than-predictable results.

Metal-Free Dentistry

The newest technology has allowed scientists to develop materials and techniques to restore entire mouths without using any metal at all. These restorations include: tooth colored, resin bonded fillings, metal free crowns, metal free bridges, porcelain laminate veneers, and customized sculpted bonded resin veneers.

The advantages to metal free restorations are that they are bonded directly to your tooth, perfectly colored, and provide a fluoride release which helps prevent further decay.

Natural-Looking Resins

Resin is artistically applied layer-by-layer and fuses to your teeth to create a strong and durable bond, almost like your natural enamel. Spaces in your smile can be eliminated and your teeth lengthened with this contouring material.

It comes in many shades so it can be perfectly matched to your smile. In as little as one visit you can have a wonderful new smile.

Healthy, Beautiful Onlays

Years ago, when people went to the dentist to get a cavity repaired they were left with dark, ugly, metal (silver) fillings. Porcelain onlays eliminate the unsightly metal fillings that most dentists used in the past. The porcelain will brighten a smile immensely. Patients will regain their self-confidence and healthy smile, knowing those dark fillings will no longer shadow their smile.

Lifelike Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-designed and molecularly bonded to your natural teeth. They are a long term solution used to restore chipped teeth, straighten smiles, transform stained teeth, and close gaps between teeth.

Veneers can be perfectly color matched to adjacent natural teeth and are very natural looking and strong. They can dramatically improve your smile.